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I would love to be your wedding photographer and help tell your stories through pictures. I began my photography journey taking documentary style street photographs because I love the challenge of capturing genuine moments as they happen. So unless you want me to, I won’t make you say “cheese” on your wedding day, nor will I attempt to force you into certain types of pictures. Instead, it is my job to make sure I continue to be observant on your wedding day to capture special moments. Those you will look back on years from now, as the memories fade, to reminisce about one of the most important days of your life!

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Your Pictures, Your Memories! Forever…

My biggest goal is to have your photographs become a family treasure. Therefore, I focus on photographing your wedding day from the perspectives of your guests. I blend in and observe, which enables me to capture the special moments that you and your guests experience as they happened.

I’m the curator your wedding day memories and will give you pictures that can take you back in time to special moments throughout the day. I’m discreet because I shoot with an assortment of prime lenses, which does two things. One, the image quality of prime lenses (i.e., one focal length) exceeds the quality of traditional zoom lenses, and two, shooting this way keeps my toolkit small. People barely notice I’m the hired photographer and instead interact as they would with no photographer there at all. 

Capturing Your Story on Your Wedding Day!

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