I’m a photographer who gets inspiration and joy from some of the best documentary and photojournalist photographers around the world. I have attended seminars by these masters to continue to perfect my craft. When documenting weddings, I concern myself with telling the unique story of your relationship, as well as the unique gathering of guests you’ve invited to celebrate your special day. The images I deliver will capture yours’ and their raw emotion, and humor. These are the images that you will cherish for a lifetime! Never again will this same group of people who attend your wedding be at the same place at the same time. It is a momentous occasion, one that shouldn’t be missed in favor of a lot of posed images.

I believe in order to truly capture the story of your day, full attention must be paid to you and your guests, holistically. You’re not hiring me to only be the professional photographer, but also the person who is tasked with curating your memories. The who, what, when and where. So, that years from now you can look at your pictures, and immediately be taken back to this day.

There are three primary ingredients for a fantastic image: the moment, the light, and the composition. As one of my photography mentors Kevin Mullins often says, these are the most important aspects to photography to master. This helps to capture that emotion, and humor, “people being people”. Yet another zinger by Mr. Mullins!