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How about you?

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is challenging!

I know from experience, choosing a photographer for your wedding is one of the most daunting decisions a bride must make. My wife and I spent days trying to find someone who we thought could deliver the types of images we wanted from our wedding day…

Choosing a photographer is as much about who you are as a couple, as it is about my skills as a photographer. Of course I want to be able to photograph your wedding and give you fantastic images that you will want to show your family and friends as the years pass by. Those who experienced your wedding with you, and new friends you make over the course of your life. These images should tell the story of your day and those with whom you chose to spend it.

Documentary, candid, or journalistic wedding photography can basically be interchanged to describe one simple facet of the style. Natural, story telling photography that captures genuine moments as they happen, without any intervention or direction from the photographer. All of this still includes capturing all of the details such as location, decoration, dress, bridal preparation, and much more.

A video call from one of the brides best friends who could not make it to the wedding made for this memorable moment during prep!

I think of myself not as the photographer, but the curator of your memories for that very special day. Everything from the type of equipment I use, to the types of seminars and workshops I attend is driven by this sole purpose. I focus on capturing the raw emotion, natural humor, basically people being people, during your special day. This way, when you go back to look at your images years from now, you can be taken back to those moments. Those you directly experienced, and those experienced by your guests, to give you the true feeling of your day.

I take a step back and drift into the background, blending in to capture images in a candid style. If you think about it, these are always the types of images people tend to cherish the most from their wedding days. Many times, brides themselves become tired of taking a whole bunch of posed images of people smiling into the camera, and instead want to enjoy their day and their party. That’s what I’m here to do for you.

If the following makes you nervous:
  • Loads of group shots

  • Being told to pose and smile

  • Miss spending time with your guests

  • Fake smile fatigue

But these things make you happy!
  • Photos that capture raw human emotion and humor

  • Story telling photography

  • Timeless images

  • Remembering all of those who celebrated with you

Then I’m confident I will produce the photographs you desire!

My style is completely candid and I will blend into the background and let your wonderful day happen as it should. Of course you will see me throughout the day, but at no moment will I interrupt you by telling you to turn and smile at the camera. You will be completely free to enjoy your day with your guests, with the comfort knowing that your story will be captured in the most natural way possible.

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